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Support The Royal Chapel Archive!!
« on: July 10, 2023, 12:58:05 PM »

If you appreciate what the Royal Chapel Castlevania Archive does and want to help keep it up and running, I humbly as that you consider supporting me— Kieran, the site's webmaster— financially.

I know that most people these days are used to a cost-free internet— I am, too— but the truth is that running this site is a fairly big expense for me, especially as a college student who isn't making a lot of money. I don't want to have to run advertisements on my page, so I'm asking for voluntary donations instead.

And to be clear, this is not me trying to turn this site into a source of revenue. I'm just looking to cover the costs of server fees, domain renewal, etc. so that my passion project doesn't turn into a financial burden.

If you want to help me out, you can donate to my Ko-Fi. The choice is up to you whether you want to donate or not, but I would greatly appreciate it if you did.

Thank you very much,
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