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Forum Rules
« on: June 28, 2023, 12:29:53 PM »
General Rules
  • No bigotry of any kind, including racism, sexism, ableism, and, especially in the current political climate, homophobia and transphobia. This includes any talk about how "the woke left" or whatever is ruining video games with the gays and transes. There are plenty of other places on the internet where that kind of discussion is more than welcome, and as a member of the LGBT community myself, I'm not going to tolerate it.
  • No trolling, ragebaiting, or any other sort of inflammatory behavior. Don't start fights for the sake of fighting, man. And don't harass people, either. This includes any sort of stalking, insults or belittlement, or any other sort of assholeish behavior targeted at one person.
  • No spam. Double posting once or twice in a thread is okay, but you shouldn't be making tens of dozens of replies in a row. Low-effort content counts as spam, too. If you're going to comment on a thread, make sure you have something worthwhile to say.
  • No illegal content. This includes sharing ROMs or any other means of piracy. I've got nothing against it morally, but I would prefer to avoid any potential run-ins with the law (or worse, Nintendo) that I can.
  • Thread necromancy– it's fine. I'm okay with people reviving dead topics if they have something that they want to add to the discussion. Just don't go around bumping threads all willy-nilly and you'll be golden.

On punishments for rule-breaking
  • I don't do temporary bans. If you prove yourself to be enough of a problem even after being made aware of your inappropriate behavior by moderation, you will be permanently banned from participating in the forum.
  • As an addendum, certain behaviors (such as bigotry, harassment, or malicious spam) will result in you being banned without warning. This works in the opposite direction as well, with non-malicious rule breaks being punished less severely. The rules exist primarily to prevent asshole behavior from flagrant assholes, so as long as you're acting in good faith, there's no need to sweat it.
  • Don't be rude to moderation if you receive a warning. Talking back may be taken as a sign that you lack respect for the rules, which might result in a more severe punishment.
Note: The way that rules are enforced works under the assumption that this forum will remain niche with a small enough membership that I will be able to moderate almost everything on my own. If the amount of members grows to the point where this style of moderation is no longer sustainable, the guidelines will be changed accordingly.
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