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Marble Gallery Rules
« on: June 28, 2023, 12:40:07 PM »
  • No NSFW content. And mind you, I'm not just talking about explicit porn. If you would get in trouble if your boss saw you looking at it, don't post it.
  • No underage/incest shipping. By that I mean adult/child pairings and sibling/parent/cousin incest. None of that two-year-age-gap, "sibling-coded" bullshit that modern fandom loves to write thesis-length callout posts for. The one exception to this is Soma x Arikado/Alucard, for personal discomfort reasons.
  • No ship bashing or headcanon policing. One of the many beauties of fandom is the diversity of interpretations between fans. I have nothing against civil debate, nor do I believe that all readings of a work are "valid", but simply disagreeing with someone doesn't automatically make them wrong. You are not the arbiter of fanon, so don't act like it.
  • No reposting other people's works. If you want to show off something that someone else made, you can share a link to it. "Credit to the artist" isn't giving proper credit, sorry.
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