Beyond Ruin: IGA Talks Remakes, Revolution, and Retirement

Author: Nintendo Power

Date: Unknown

Source: The Castlevania Dungeon Forums

NP: Any thoughts or hints on when we'll see the game that takes place in 1999 and shows Dracula's final downfall at the hands of Julius Belmont?

IGA: I hope I can work on that story for a future project. Not only the game that takes place in 1999, but also revisiting Quincy Morris. I still haven't had the chance to expand on the story with Quincy Morris.

NP: Is it important to you to stay consistent within the Castlevania timeline?

IGA: I go case by case. It depends on the situation. I do my best to follow the timeline, though.

NP: Do you have these story elements planned out for the entire timeline, or is it developed primarily from game to game?

IGA: I'm always thinking about stories for the different time periods, but the most important part in game development is the gameplay system. After that, I try to decide how this game system best fits into the Castlevania timeline. In this case, with two playable characters in the game, it didn't fit with the 1999 story, for instance. So what we do is work on the game system first, then try to come up with the best match in the timeline.

NP: In some previous interviews, we've seen you express interest in remaking Castlevania III. Have you given any more thought to remaking any of the older Castlevania titles?

IGA: I'm always thinking about it. I need a good sales forcast, though, so I can make it happen. [Laughs] If I could get a good sales forcast, I could invest a lot of money in a remake. [Laughs] There are good Castlevania titles from the past that I do want to remake. I want to make them even better. Better quality means bigger budgets, though. [Laughs]

NP: You've been working on Castlevania for quite some time now. What maintains your passion for the series?

IGA: I guess I simply love the atmosphere of Castlevania. I love this world. And I'm an action-game fan. If time allows, I want to work on a shooting game, but forget about that for now. [Laughs] I can't make any shooting games within the Castlevania universe. I guess what makes me really passionate is that I always loved Castlevania as a gamer. As you said, I've been working on the series for a long time. My team members are growing. When I first started with the Castlevania series, I had to do everything. Brainstorm the storyline, work on the game system, do the character design, and all kinds of things. But now my team members are getting older and more experienced. They all work so closely together now, sharing their opinions about different aspects of the game. I don't have to involve myself in everything anymore. That's great for me. I guess I'm ready for retirement. [Laughs]

NP: What are your thoughts regarding the recent announcement of a Castlevania movie?

IGA: I cannot make any official comments for Konami. All I can say about the movie is what we've seen in the announcements from the film director. I love movies, though. I wish I could do some independent films myself. [Laughs]

NP: Has there been any talk of a Castlevania animated series?

IGA: I really like anime, too, so... [Laughs] One of the dilemmas I'm facing with Castlevania is that it's always game-oriented. Although there's some story elements, we're not providing a ton of background. I'm always looking for more opportunities to create backup materials, such as anime, or it could be the movie. Anything that could put a greater focus on the storyline. In Japan, we have Castlevania manga books, and in the US, you have the Castlevania comic from IDW Publishing. If there's anything that we could do aside from the video game, I'd love the opportunity. If time and money allow, then I would really love to shoot a movie. I could work on anime, but I can guarantee it wouldn't sell. [Laughs]

NP: Are you working on or planning any Revolution titles?

IGA: I can't say that I'm working on Revolution. I'm really busy with the DS game right now. I really like the controller, though, so if time allows and if Revolution is well-received, then I would love to work on it.