More Castlevania


  • Forgemasters Forum - An up-and-coming forum dedicated to discussing the Castlevania games
  • r/Castlevania - The main Castlevania subreddit
  • r/DraculasCastle - A smaller games-dedicated subreddit that broke off from the main some time ago


  • The Castlevania Dungeon - One of the oldest remaining Castlevania sites. The forums have tons of hidden gems.
  • Mr. P's Castlevania Realm - Probably the best non-wiki source for Castlevania information on the 'net, with a stunning homepage to boot.
  • Vampire Killer - Has Ayami Kojima's entire artbook scanned, as well as a whole bunch of other stuff.
  • Castlevania Web Portal - Konami's official Castlevania page. It's mostly product information.